OMNIS @ Euskal Encounter 23

By Tuesday July 28th, 2015eSports, Event, Gaming, Hackprende, HearthStone, LAN, Party

We are back home,

Omnis has been present in Euskal Encounter 23. It’s been five incredible days and we want to thank you for all the support you have shown us. We went there like ninjas, no media presence, no webpage nor social media accounts, we wanted to start there, surrounded by what we love, more than 4000 techonlogy and gaming enthusiasts.

Remember that you can still participate in our giveaway, we have a headset, a keyboard and a fan by Mars Gaming for you, and 10 Steam keys, you can win any of this prizes just by followin any of our social media accounts.


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The event has been really sucessful, we have presented our technoogical project, Hackprende in front of a marvelous audience, our thanks to you for the partcipation and your help. Stay tunned, as you know we are going to carry it out in Asia and we need your help for that.


20150725_164633Hackprende invaded a lot of devices in the event, you can learn more about it here. If you like technology, both hard and soft, for sure ou will love a Hackprende session. Our colleague Dirk (@Agr3gam3) has been working nonstop for the whole event to make this happen.


Finally, as you can guess the first picture in this post, our first eSports participation has been really successful. Alx (AlxShow) reached the final in the Hearthstone tournament by OGseries with 232 players, with a deck of his own creation that caused a sensation at the event and managed to write the first entry in our honors room. Soon we will have his analysis on the web.

We can only say thanks, thank you very much, thanks for your support to our players, our projects and to each of the members of the team.

Finally thanks to the team that has made this possible, Nerul (@neruloverdose) & Halabalusa (@JaviHalabalusa), you are the best.

See you soon.


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