Hackprende lands in Asia

By Tuesday September 22nd, 2015Hackprende

In Omnis Club we love eSports but we love the technology too. We are conviced that the technology is a key element to change the world and our society and to improve the life of the people, this is why we are presenting Hackprende. It is something we have been working on since June and we are really proud to share.
Hackprende is more than a project, it is a dream with a team behind. Hackprende empowers #Hackpreneurs with tech tools that they learn playing and they can apply in their day by day activity.

“Our world is digital, learning about technology is learning about how the world works and how it will be in the future”


We are starting this revolution where it is needed the most, this is our third week in Shanghai alongside Kai Coop and we will be in Asia, concretely China & India, until December.
We are helping the Hackpreneurs to create their own videogame withing one hour and to build a completely functional controller for it from the scratch. After being aware of their true potential to create whatever they want to, we hack an object to improve their lives and to solve challenges in a hack-a-ton workshop.

Hackprende is real thanks to the collaboration of everyone, every donation counts towards helping to improve the lives of the people who need it the most:

From the famous banana piano to the light that turns off when someone is writing in the whiteboard to avoid reflections when someone is writing on it, Hackpreneurs are creating a lot of solutions that for sure will change their world and, therefore, ours.

Stay tunned as we will make public the Hackprende Team soon!

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