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This week we present you to our two Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad. On one hand, we can find the Omnis White, with a tour within the amateur version, they enter in our lines to make a great step ahead to the Spanish and to the International scene to achieve big successes.
On the other side, Omnis Black, with players who have competed in the world´s top leagues, land in our club to achieve new goals and to continue growing with us.

The players who take part of the Omnis White team are:

And, Omnis Black guys are:

We leave you some words from the captains of the teams:

Iskander “Pelotazos” Briones:We start this project with high motivation, because we consider that this team has many potential. Thank to Omnis we are going to represent them in the squad white during this season. We have been during short time altogether as a team and we know that we have the enough potential to face new goals and to compete in a good level in the Spanish scene. Personally, I have previously worked with some of the team members and I must say that the experience with them has been very good and with positive results. I face this new project with motivation since I consider that this team has a huge potential and together with work and effort we will able to reach the peaks that we establish. We hope to show the best of us and to exploit our potential with the spider in our t-shirt, placing Omnis within the renamed names.


Andrés “DeViL” Henajeros: “Today, it is an important day for us because we are introduced by the Omnis club, the one has trusted us to represent them in a game as important as the CSGO. Now, with the support and the philosophy in the work of this club, together with our effort we will be able to fix our long term objectives better and this way to be able to achieve our goals.


We wish them good luck and we hope that we can celebrate many significant victories.

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