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Presentamos nuestro equipo oficial de Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)

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Hoy es un día especial en OMNIS, teníamos muchas ganas de poder hacer esto público completando así la remodelación de nuestra división de CS:GO:

Presentamos nuestro equipo oficial de Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


todos csgo

Los jugadores:

  • Javier ‘Desert’ Rodriguez (@DesertCsGO)
  • Guillermo ‘Zevo’ León (@zevoCSGO)
  • Oriol ‘Ninho!’ García (@NinhoCsgo)
  • Raul ‘DeathZz’ Jordán (@DeathZzaky)
  • Javier ‘Vasili’ Huélamo (@8vasi)

Mensaje de los jugadores:

Entramos a OMNIS con muchas ganas de demostrar de lo que somos capaces. Estamos trabajando juntos a diario y todavía nos queda mucho por hacer. Nuestro objetivo a priori es alcanzar las primeras divisiones nacionales y jugar al mismo tiempo ligas como ESEA, ESL y cualquier qualifier interesante. Gracias a OMNIS por darnos esta oportunidad.


Mostradles vuestro amor!




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With the occasion of the Mobile World Congress 2016, the ESL (Electronic Sports League) organized an impressive tournament and invitational League Of Legends, Counter Strike and RainbowSix tournaments with the best national and European teams.

There were some of the most renowed teams attending the ‘ESL Expo Barcelona 2016’ for example, G2.Kinguin, Fnatic, Dignitas, Baskonia, The Penguins Mafia, gBots or Giants Underdoges.

League Of Legends

Named ‘ESL Masters of Spain’, we lived true battles in an LCS alike style, where eSports Baskonia won the trophy 0-2 against a Giants Underdoges who could do little against the relentless siege of the Basque team . Here we show the results of each game played during the weekend:


Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The Barcelona CS: GO Invitational was a huge success because of the mixture of international and local teams with the presence of two Spanish teams of great level, x6tence and gBots, due to the high level competitors they couldn’t make it out of the bottom of the scoreboard.

Fnatic won the stage being the clear winner of the ‘Barcelona Invitational in a final against Astralis.
They finished with two of the three ‘lives’ that every team started with at the beginning of the weekend.


El evento contaba con actividades sin necesidad de invitación en los que como no podía ser de otra forma, OMNIS dejó su sello. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tuvo un torneo abierto de la mano de Gigabyte en formato rey de la pista, o lo que es lo mismo, quien gana sigue y el que pierde, con todos los respetos, a su casa, la pareja que al final del evento continuara invicta se llevaba los premios y, como no, en este torneo hizó su aparición nuestro director Alesander ‘Alx’ Robleño (@alxshow), que tras la derrota de nuestros jugadores se vistió de paladín vengandolos y alzandose con la victoria junto a su compañero Miguel ‘Bladecito’ Gomez (@bladecitoLOL).


Alx (right) y Bladecito (left) receiving the prize from the hands of Aidy

Rainbow Six | Siege

Finally gBots imposed their law since the beggining of the ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ tournament and won the prize, the other participants where overGame Telepizza, Newskill Infinity and sO-On, being this last the runner up.


Alongside the tournament, we could see amazing cosplays in a fun contest that had to Nidalee, Ashe, Olaf and many other champions LOL as participants.

We could also greet Ethieen, Ocelot and Chinceto77 also attended the ‘ESL Barcelona Expo 2016’.



Hearthstone estandar, a new way to play

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It quite public that Hearthstone has become one of the big players in the eSports. With more than 30M players it is loved by the casual comunity and pro/competitive players like me, ALX (@AlxShow) in OMNIS.

In this last days Blizzard has launched an announcement which is in the mouth of everyone as its application will change the game in a way we have never seen before.

For those who already knows other card games new formats and splitting the game in more game modes won’t be a new discovery. In this case Blizzard has called “Standard” their new child and it has enough features to become mainstream in the competitive scene. We could sum it up by saying that it will restrict the collections we can use cards from depending on the format we want to play. If you want to know more I have made this video for you to understand it in just one minute (the video is in Spanish, I recommend you to see it anyways as it is really visual, you will find the official announcement link in English below anyways).

For those who don’t understand Spanish or if just you want to check this info, here you have the official source.

I hope you like it and please remember that you can take part in our giveaway just subscribing the youtube channel and following our twitter account and the account of Kinguin. By doing this you can win a 20E Gift card, find the Twitters below.


Twitter de AlxShow
Twitter de OMNIS
Twitter de Kinguin España


Hackprende, from dream to reality, Crowdfunding succeed!

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THANK YOU, thank you very much.

I write those lines from India, I write them full of pride, in the middle of the final sprint, while my partners of the team Hackprende Asia are preparing everything for our last 10 days in India. From Omnis we want to thank everyone who made ​​it possible, especially the 81 people who have participated in the crowdfunding of Hackprende.

Hackprende Asia
1,303.00€ / 1,200.00€

We thank you, even if we couldn´t communicate as much as we wanted, the Firewall of the Chinese government it has not helped in China, but the level of activity has been so crazy that we didn’t had much time, we have been to the 110% and the fatigue begins to be seen. China has been a marvelous country where everything happened very fast but in India the things have slowed down, is now, that after a month working here, when everything is finally ready to go and we are going to be the last 10 days conducting sessions of Hackprende, so we are going to work non-stop to create Hackprendedors in Mumbai and Pune.

In the sessions we teach to create a videogame from the scratch by using Stencyl, we also create a controller for the videogame thanks to MakeyMakey and finally , after learning programming and prototyping hardware, we help them to transform the ideas to reality, either developing their projects or solving a challenge, the Hack-a-ton format is very common in our sessions.

We have been fortunate to conduct our sessions  in amazing places such as Tongji University in Shanghai in the faculty of Art and Design, Shanghai Marker Carnival, a mega-event in the center of the maker movement of Asia, in Fab O and the network Fablab or Xinchejian, the first hackerspace of Shanghai among others. Now future Hackprendedors are waiting us in rural schools, without that much resources, but equally or more amazing , also universities and innovation and local entrepreneurship spaces where we hope to contribute our grain of sand .

We want to communicate that Hackprende, thanks to your help and huge welcome we received in Asia, comes alive and we inaugurate new Web and social networks.





Thank you for making this possible, to all who have collaborated, either economically, sharing the content or simply for your interest and thank you very much to the team of Hackprende, for all the people who , from the absolute humility , we try to help and also thanks for giving us the opportunity of living this experience.

I personally want to thank the possibility of having my passions, eSports and technology, as a way of live and have also to have the possibility of helping people it´s being incredible, although this has decreased the activity of Omnis , my apologies for this, and also my activity in the competitive eSports circuit.

After 4 months far from home, the day of returning home is really close. I can’t avoid som flashes on my mind about when, and where, once at home, will take place the next session or workshop.

Alesander Robleño – Omnis Founder and 4 month long Asian Hackpreneur.


Meet our League of Legends Team

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This week we are presenting our first League of Legends squad, after one year in the national in amateur circuit, this League of Legend guys  are willing to go a step ahead closer to a professional level and fight to grow up day after day.
This is our LoL team:


Some words from our captain:

We would like to thank OMNIS for this chance to grow up with them and we will fight to achieve great goals together.