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With the occasion of the Mobile World Congress 2016, the ESL (Electronic Sports League) organized an impressive tournament and invitational League Of Legends, Counter Strike and RainbowSix tournaments with the best national and European teams.

There were some of the most renowed teams attending the ‘ESL Expo Barcelona 2016’ for example, G2.Kinguin, Fnatic, Dignitas, Baskonia, The Penguins Mafia, gBots or Giants Underdoges.

League Of Legends

Named ‘ESL Masters of Spain’, we lived true battles in an LCS alike style, where eSports Baskonia won the trophy 0-2 against a Giants Underdoges who could do little against the relentless siege of the Basque team . Here we show the results of each game played during the weekend:


Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The Barcelona CS: GO Invitational was a huge success because of the mixture of international and local teams with the presence of two Spanish teams of great level, x6tence and gBots, due to the high level competitors they couldn’t make it out of the bottom of the scoreboard.

Fnatic won the stage being the clear winner of the ‘Barcelona Invitational in a final against Astralis.
They finished with two of the three ‘lives’ that every team started with at the beginning of the weekend.


El evento contaba con actividades sin necesidad de invitación en los que como no podía ser de otra forma, OMNIS dejó su sello. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tuvo un torneo abierto de la mano de Gigabyte en formato rey de la pista, o lo que es lo mismo, quien gana sigue y el que pierde, con todos los respetos, a su casa, la pareja que al final del evento continuara invicta se llevaba los premios y, como no, en este torneo hizó su aparición nuestro director Alesander ‘Alx’ Robleño (@alxshow), que tras la derrota de nuestros jugadores se vistió de paladín vengandolos y alzandose con la victoria junto a su compañero Miguel ‘Bladecito’ Gomez (@bladecitoLOL).


Alx (right) y Bladecito (left) receiving the prize from the hands of Aidy

Rainbow Six | Siege

Finally gBots imposed their law since the beggining of the ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ tournament and won the prize, the other participants where overGame Telepizza, Newskill Infinity and sO-On, being this last the runner up.


Alongside the tournament, we could see amazing cosplays in a fun contest that had to Nidalee, Ashe, Olaf and many other champions LOL as participants.

We could also greet Ethieen, Ocelot and Chinceto77 also attended the ‘ESL Barcelona Expo 2016’.



Hearthstone estandar, a new way to play

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It quite public that Hearthstone has become one of the big players in the eSports. With more than 30M players it is loved by the casual comunity and pro/competitive players like me, ALX (@AlxShow) in OMNIS.

In this last days Blizzard has launched an announcement which is in the mouth of everyone as its application will change the game in a way we have never seen before.

For those who already knows other card games new formats and splitting the game in more game modes won’t be a new discovery. In this case Blizzard has called “Standard” their new child and it has enough features to become mainstream in the competitive scene. We could sum it up by saying that it will restrict the collections we can use cards from depending on the format we want to play. If you want to know more I have made this video for you to understand it in just one minute (the video is in Spanish, I recommend you to see it anyways as it is really visual, you will find the official announcement link in English below anyways).

For those who don’t understand Spanish or if just you want to check this info, here you have the official source.

I hope you like it and please remember that you can take part in our giveaway just subscribing the youtube channel and following our twitter account and the account of Kinguin. By doing this you can win a 20E Gift card, find the Twitters below.


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Hearthstone The Grand Tournament Analysis with Alx (@AlxShow)

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Greetings, Grand Tournament participants!

Today starts the season 18, the first using “The Grand Tournament” cards from the start, therefore I have been summoned to shed some light on how the meta will evolve and what changes we should expect.

Basically “The Grand Tournament” brings us two new mechanics:
Inspire: An ability that triggers when using the power hero.
Nexus-Champion Saraad
Jousting: As battlecry (or not) we will compare a random minion from our deck with one from our rival’s, if our cost more something will happen.
Master Jouster

The first impressions are that the new cards of “The Grand Tournament” are designed for a slower meta. We need higher costing minions to be able to play Jousting with reasonable chances of winning and therefore, we have to be slower. Same happens with insipire, using the hero power is not the fastest play ingame, usually we have to wait 2 extra turns to guarantee taking the advantage of the inspire mechanic, use hero power altering cards ([Maiden of the Lake]) or just wait for the next turn to use the hero power, in every case we are not going to be fast.

There are many new possibilities but, despite the wishes of a great part of the community, the old archetypes are still feasible and have not changed, at this point the new “The Grand Tournament” cards have not beeng able to get Grim Patron Warrior out of his throne.

This last week of the Season 17 has been intense when it comes to testing and we have some archetypes that stand out in the current meta.

The new champion

If there is, currently, a decklist capable of fighting the throne and become part of the TIER 1 family it is the loved and hated, Secret Paladin.

Basically the goal is to establish a board and then realse the Kraken aka Mysterious Challenger that will buff our entire board if it remains alive that turn, nothing more to say than Competitive Spirit.

In my opinion and just after 7 days of the release, this is the only “The Grand Tournament” original archetype capable of being, at least, the shadow of Grim Patron.

The new challenger

Another outstanding decklist is the  Dragon Priest.

Just one step behind the Paladín we have the Dragon Priest, it uses the classic dragon cards but it has been boost with three new additions: Wyrmrest Agent, Twilight GuardianChillmaw.

One of the common mistakes to avoid is playing very reactive and control like, starting from turn 4 or 5 we have to look for the window to stop being reactive and dropping a threat, we want to close fast the game.

The fun

I had to write this list, is has been one of my favorites this week and it is mainly thanks to Lock and Load.

We run some of the staples of the Hunter and it is capable of closing games from the start, as hunter usually does, the difference is that instead of playing Loatheb or Savannah Highmane to close games we have Lock and Load an a great pool of spells to refill our hand and simply roll over our rivals if the game goes to the late game.

These are my thoughs and my reflection on The Grand Tournament, What about you, what will you play? what do you think?

I created a list with the new decks that are being played by pros or streamers, have a look here:TGT Pioneer decks


Thanks for reading:

Alx (@AlxShow)