New Season, New Fifa

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For over one month on the market, Fifa 16  is one of the most played videogames in this year and as it might be expected, our guys  haven´t been wasting any time.
Some words from Reke, one of our players:

Finally, the long-awaited Fifa16 arrived, behind this we leave Fifa15 full of amazing speed and some book counter attacks, in this new game it’s not useful, Fifa16 has a lot of things from Pep Barça, so many ball touches and a lot of short plays to be able to go to opposite are, once there… your fingers magic must make a difference.

It’s remarkable the cpu help in the defence and a great  goalkeeper improvement. The back passes are useless that were very precise, now you must spin around  to do these, also laying the ball it is easier to players that liked playing with a static forward… banana-shots get back.

If you are looking for a soccer game with  total ball control  and you have the necessary patience to score a goal, this is your game.


Alberto “REKE” Requena


And you, what do you think about the new Fifa16? Tell your opinions through our social networks or write a comment in this article.



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Introducing our FIFA team

Today we are presenting our new FIFA squad consisting of two new players. We are sure that they will be really competitive and will be known in the national and international scene.

The players are:


Alberto “REKE” Requena

From Alicante, Spain, he is known in the PES scene, after some years dominating local tournaments and having reached a praiseworthy 6th place in GAMELAND 2009 on Rome he has joined us to play FIFA.

I am really happy to be part of OMNISclub and I expect to win trophies together, GO SPIDER!!!

We are sure that he will do his best and his talent and hardwork will make him fly really high. #GoOmnisReke


Miguel “LinKiTO” Garcia

From Alicante an old school PES legend joins our ranks, among his achievements we highlight a 2nd place on ESWC 2004 PES3 and being the European online champion (ESL) on PES5 in addition to other local and national results.

 I am an ex-gamer who returns with more desire than ever to compete!! It is a pleasure to join this team and I will give verthing for this team!! GO OMNIS!

We are convinced that we will grow and win things together. #GoOmnisLinKiTO

Without any doubt, you will here about us soon and about our succeses. Stay tunned.