Hackprende, from dream to reality, Crowdfunding succeed!

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THANK YOU, thank you very much.

I write those lines from India, I write them full of pride, in the middle of the final sprint, while my partners of the team Hackprende Asia are preparing everything for our last 10 days in India. From Omnis we want to thank everyone who made ​​it possible, especially the 81 people who have participated in the crowdfunding of Hackprende.

Hackprende Asia
1,303.00€ / 1,200.00€

We thank you, even if we couldn´t communicate as much as we wanted, the Firewall of the Chinese government it has not helped in China, but the level of activity has been so crazy that we didn’t had much time, we have been to the 110% and the fatigue begins to be seen. China has been a marvelous country where everything happened very fast but in India the things have slowed down, is now, that after a month working here, when everything is finally ready to go and we are going to be the last 10 days conducting sessions of Hackprende, so we are going to work non-stop to create Hackprendedors in Mumbai and Pune.

In the sessions we teach to create a videogame from the scratch by using Stencyl, we also create a controller for the videogame thanks to MakeyMakey and finally , after learning programming and prototyping hardware, we help them to transform the ideas to reality, either developing their projects or solving a challenge, the Hack-a-ton format is very common in our sessions.

We have been fortunate to conduct our sessions  in amazing places such as Tongji University in Shanghai in the faculty of Art and Design, Shanghai Marker Carnival, a mega-event in the center of the maker movement of Asia, in Fab O and the network Fablab or Xinchejian, the first hackerspace of Shanghai among others. Now future Hackprendedors are waiting us in rural schools, without that much resources, but equally or more amazing , also universities and innovation and local entrepreneurship spaces where we hope to contribute our grain of sand .

We want to communicate that Hackprende, thanks to your help and huge welcome we received in Asia, comes alive and we inaugurate new Web and social networks.





Thank you for making this possible, to all who have collaborated, either economically, sharing the content or simply for your interest and thank you very much to the team of Hackprende, for all the people who , from the absolute humility , we try to help and also thanks for giving us the opportunity of living this experience.

I personally want to thank the possibility of having my passions, eSports and technology, as a way of live and have also to have the possibility of helping people it´s being incredible, although this has decreased the activity of Omnis , my apologies for this, and also my activity in the competitive eSports circuit.

After 4 months far from home, the day of returning home is really close. I can’t avoid som flashes on my mind about when, and where, once at home, will take place the next session or workshop.

Alesander Robleño – Omnis Founder and 4 month long Asian Hackpreneur.

Hackprende lands in Asia

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In Omnis Club we love eSports but we love the technology too. We are conviced that the technology is a key element to change the world and our society and to improve the life of the people, this is why we are presenting Hackprende. It is something we have been working on since June and we are really proud to share.
Hackprende is more than a project, it is a dream with a team behind. Hackprende empowers #Hackpreneurs with tech tools that they learn playing and they can apply in their day by day activity.

“Our world is digital, learning about technology is learning about how the world works and how it will be in the future”


We are starting this revolution where it is needed the most, this is our third week in Shanghai alongside Kai Coop and we will be in Asia, concretely China & India, until December.
We are helping the Hackpreneurs to create their own videogame withing one hour and to build a completely functional controller for it from the scratch. After being aware of their true potential to create whatever they want to, we hack an object to improve their lives and to solve challenges in a hack-a-ton workshop.

Hackprende is real thanks to the collaboration of everyone, every donation counts towards helping to improve the lives of the people who need it the most:
From the famous banana piano to the light that turns off when someone is writing in the whiteboard to avoid reflections when someone is writing on it, Hackpreneurs are creating a lot of solutions that for sure will change their world and, therefore, ours.

Stay tunned as we will make public the Hackprende Team soon!

OMNIS @ Euskal Encounter 23

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We are back home,

Omnis has been present in Euskal Encounter 23. It’s been five incredible days and we want to thank you for all the support you have shown us. We went there like ninjas, no media presence, no webpage nor social media accounts, we wanted to start there, surrounded by what we love, more than 4000 techonlogy and gaming enthusiasts.

Remember that you can still participate in our giveaway, we have a headset, a keyboard and a fan by Mars Gaming for you, and 10 Steam keys, you can win any of this prizes just by followin any of our social media accounts.


Follow us to enter the giveaway:

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The event has been really sucessful, we have presented our technoogical project, Hackprende in front of a marvelous audience, our thanks to you for the partcipation and your help. Stay tunned, as you know we are going to carry it out in Asia and we need your help for that.


20150725_164633Hackprende invaded a lot of devices in the event, you can learn more about it here. If you like technology, both hard and soft, for sure ou will love a Hackprende session. Our colleague Dirk (@Agr3gam3) has been working nonstop for the whole event to make this happen.


Finally, as you can guess the first picture in this post, our first eSports participation has been really successful. Alx (AlxShow) reached the final in the Hearthstone tournament by OGseries with 232 players, with a deck of his own creation that caused a sensation at the event and managed to write the first entry in our honors room. Soon we will have his analysis on the web.

We can only say thanks, thank you very much, thanks for your support to our players, our projects and to each of the members of the team.

Finally thanks to the team that has made this possible, Nerul (@neruloverdose) & Halabalusa (@JaviHalabalusa), you are the best.

See you soon.