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One year more at Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, best gamers return to achieve the great trophies of this competition. This event took place on March 4-6 at Spodek Arena, which has a 10.000 viewers capacity, who watched all the amazing games, enjoying the ESL event.

Not only could they win the first place trophy at IEM but also they could win a combined prize pool of $500.000.

We bring you a brief summary about all the competitions played there:


At IEM we could find the 32 best players in the World, it was surprising because we couldn´t watch a Korean final so we could enjoy a confrontation between Polt, Korean, without so many problems, and Snute, Norwegian.

Finally, Polt achieved the first place.


After a group phase with some surprises, we got a semifinal played by Asian, North American and European teams. SK Telecom T1 won against Team SoloMid easily and Fnatic achieved to qualify beating Royal Never Give Up team.

In this way, SK telecom T1 played the grand final against Fnatic where we could watch the first two matches were equated but in the third one, Fnatic gave up in the 22nd minute of match.



We focus in quarter-finals where NaVi and Fnatic didn’t give any choice to Tempo Storm and Virtus.Pro, who played in their country.

So, NaVi played against Luminosity, Brazilian, who avenged their compatriots and in the other semifinal, we could fin Fnatic against Astralis, achieving the victory the first one, playing some matches until very late at night.

In this way, Fnatic won Luminosity in the grand final, thanks to Olofmeister and Flusha.



In this competition we had some good news because Spanish achieved a trophy thanks to Esteban “AKAWonder” Serrano, giving no choice to other compatriots like Doky and Espumito. He was in the final against SilverName, Russian, where he won three consecutive matches.



The North American  team, Dignitas, achieved the victory 3-0 against mYinsanity, repeating what happened in the Hearthstone final, because he didn’t give any choice. NaVi started being a favorite team but then, they couldn´t qualify for the quarter-final, although it´s notable the way Francisco Antonio “GranPkt” Núñez Sorribas played.


In the CSGO female tournament, WRTP won after being unbeatable because they didn’t lose any match. They played against CLG Red in the grand final, achieving as result 2-0.


These are the highlights of this eSport party, we hope we won’t have to wait too long until the next big event.


Irene Dufour (@iredufour) y Javier Roca (@javihalabalusa)

Omnis club


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With the occasion of the Mobile World Congress 2016, the ESL (Electronic Sports League) organized an impressive tournament and invitational League Of Legends, Counter Strike and RainbowSix tournaments with the best national and European teams.

There were some of the most renowed teams attending the ‘ESL Expo Barcelona 2016’ for example, G2.Kinguin, Fnatic, Dignitas, Baskonia, The Penguins Mafia, gBots or Giants Underdoges.

League Of Legends

Named ‘ESL Masters of Spain’, we lived true battles in an LCS alike style, where eSports Baskonia won the trophy 0-2 against a Giants Underdoges who could do little against the relentless siege of the Basque team . Here we show the results of each game played during the weekend:


Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The Barcelona CS: GO Invitational was a huge success because of the mixture of international and local teams with the presence of two Spanish teams of great level, x6tence and gBots, due to the high level competitors they couldn’t make it out of the bottom of the scoreboard.

Fnatic won the stage being the clear winner of the ‘Barcelona Invitational in a final against Astralis.
They finished with two of the three ‘lives’ that every team started with at the beginning of the weekend.


El evento contaba con actividades sin necesidad de invitación en los que como no podía ser de otra forma, OMNIS dejó su sello. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tuvo un torneo abierto de la mano de Gigabyte en formato rey de la pista, o lo que es lo mismo, quien gana sigue y el que pierde, con todos los respetos, a su casa, la pareja que al final del evento continuara invicta se llevaba los premios y, como no, en este torneo hizó su aparición nuestro director Alesander ‘Alx’ Robleño (@alxshow), que tras la derrota de nuestros jugadores se vistió de paladín vengandolos y alzandose con la victoria junto a su compañero Miguel ‘Bladecito’ Gomez (@bladecitoLOL).


Alx (right) y Bladecito (left) receiving the prize from the hands of Aidy

Rainbow Six | Siege

Finally gBots imposed their law since the beggining of the ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ tournament and won the prize, the other participants where overGame Telepizza, Newskill Infinity and sO-On, being this last the runner up.


Alongside the tournament, we could see amazing cosplays in a fun contest that had to Nidalee, Ashe, Olaf and many other champions LOL as participants.

We could also greet Ethieen, Ocelot and Chinceto77 also attended the ‘ESL Barcelona Expo 2016’.


League of Legend World Championship summary

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The League of Legend World Championship 2015 have finished after almost one month with amazing matches, where we have seen the world best teams.

Finding two Korean teams in the final hasn’t been a big surprise, achieving the victory SK Telecom 1 for the second time, after KOO Tigers defeat 3 to 1. With this victory, not only has he achieved the great champion title but he has also won.
The second place was to KOO Tigers with 220.000€, while Fnatic, which achieved the third place after its defeat against the championship runner-up with 134.280€, and in the same way, the fourth place to Origen, after being defeated by the best world team, SK Telecom T1.

The Korean superiority over European teams was clear because they haven’t lost any semi-finals matches. However, the European teams can be proud, especially Origen, although China has received a disappointment because they hoped that one of their teams was in the final, that it wasn’t possible.


Group Stage:
Like always, on 12th September the championship started with the 16 teams draw from China, Taiwan, Korea, Europe and North America and some international wild cards, as Brazil or Thailand. This decided the groups to fight in the World Championship, finding the next distribution:


From group A, Flash Wolves and KOO Tigers were qualified, although CLC started very well and Flash Wolves was the opposite, the second tournament week the North American broke down and gave the chance of qualifying like first one of the group to Flash Wolves. On the other hand, KOO Tigers achieved to be classified although they didn’t play a great group stage.

In the group B, Fnatic y AHQ achieved to qualify, after the initial surprise of Cloud9 with three victories and leaving the rest of teams tied with the same victories/defeats, at the end they recovered their way to play that they had been showing while the last season, except IG that reacted too late.

Everything went along normally in the C group, in spite of the game was showing that Edward Gaming wasn´t gibing good feelings. On SKT1 part, we couldn´t see all its potential, since they didn´t have to use all their capacities in some games. Finally, SKT1 and EG moved to the next stage.

Finally, in the D group, the death group, after the strong start of Origen during the first week, KT Rolster, they classified the first and the xPeke team, suceeded in keeping a second post, that gave them access to quarterfinals. It is worth stressing the aforementioned debacle of the Chinese teams, in this case LGD, wasn´t able to respond in time.

Knockout Stage:
After two weeks of games, the qualified teams travelled to London, to play quarterfinals, in which there wasn´t any notorious surprise, after what was seen in the previous phase, winning their ticket to Brussels: KOO Tigers, Origen, SK Telecom T1 and Fnatic.
In the semi-finals, Europe and Korea met face-to-face. The Europeans with great enthusiasm and desire but happened as expected, the Koreans showed the step that is above the rest of teams, leaving them without any possibility.

The Grand Final:
KOO Tigers and SK Telecom T1 met face-to-face, to the best of 5, what didn´t seem strange, because they were used to seeing each other throughout the season. Everything started very easy for SKT, since he won the first two games, although in the second game he had to mount. During the third game, KOO Tigers won, what gave hope to him to become winner, although in the fourth game the Faker put an end to the championship, hoisting the most sought after trophy that turned them into World Champions. Final-de-Campeonato-Mundial-de-League-of-Legends-e1446496460237

MVP-Marin, with the biggest advantage obtained and with a total result of 78/35/76
Thanks to this victory, Faker and Bengi became the only second time League of Legends winners.

Irene Dufour (@iredufour) y Javier Roca (@javihalabalusa)

Omnis club

Meet our League of Legends Team

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This week we are presenting our first League of Legends squad, after one year in the national in amateur circuit, this League of Legend guys  are willing to go a step ahead closer to a professional level and fight to grow up day after day.
This is our LoL team:


Some words from our captain:

We would like to thank OMNIS for this chance to grow up with them and we will fight to achieve great goals together.