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Gamegune 2015, OMNIS’ coverage (Interviews, photos & more)

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Some weeks ago went to Gamegune in Bilbao. This Gamegune edition featured world best Hearthstone players competing for the honor and glory of winning the first prize.


Sadly our Hearthstone pro, Alx (@AlxShow) was 9000 Km far away and we just showed up on the vent as spectators and part of this growing and awesome community.

16 players faced each others in an intense two days format, finally the Spanish player Jacobo took the 1st place over the 2014 world champion Firebat in an intense final where everything was really close and the RNG decided the match.

We had the chance to talk with the winner and this where his words:


I’m really good obviously, no?, very happy of winning Gamegune, biggest Hearthstone tournament organized in Spain, so, very happy.”



We had also the opportunity to talk with other players and ask who shared their experiences and answered some of our questions, here you have some of their answers and the photos:

Aquí os dejamos sus respuestas así como un pequeño recopilatorio de las mejores fotos que pudimos obtener:

What is the hardest part of starting?

Ek0p: You have to play as a job and it is not anymore something for fun, you have to take it seriously & put all your effort on giving your best version.

Firebat: You can’t expect to make money and that’s really hard when it is a fulltime job.

AKAWonder: From my point of view the hardest part about starting is getting the cards you need to be competitive, people start to get mad because they start and they don’t manage to get to the high on the ladder. I always recommend to play arena, it is the fastest way to get cards.

Jac0b0: I really don’t know, in Spain it is really hard for players to become professionals, the only probably is AKAWonder, who is in an international club, the rest of us are something like semipros or even amateurs that keep playing to learn and improve.


What does make the difference being professional?

Ek0p: The main difference is how you face the game, how seriously you take it and the time you invest that’s why pros are better players.

Firebat: The pro players make a living from this so, we need money and the job approach.

AKAWonder: There are a lot of things that make the difference, the first thing is to have a club that represents you, but not only the club, you need support for the trips and hotels, people who see in you an opportunity and brings you to places, winning prizes and sharing a percentage, that’s being professional.

Jac0b0: I would say experience above all, play a lot of hours, it is a card game, playing a lot brings you results, trying a play and realizing your mistake is what leads to understand concepts and improve as player, you will go improving and winning tournaments, therefore you will not be amateur anymore.

Which is the moment of your career that you love the most?

Ek0p: The best is the interaction with the fans, I love talking with them, signing autographs, I love that.

Firebat: The best is when I won the Blizzcon 2014, that big sceneario… people screaming and getting crazy, flying confetti everywhere. That’s my best moment.

AKAWonder: The best moment is my Dreamhack top4 in Sweden. Until now the most emotional moment, winning 6-1 and still be growing, winning some of the best pros in one of the most important tournament… Since that moment I am more known. I am going to remember that all my life. Until something better happens.

Jac0b0: This one! Winning the Gamegune has been one of my better moments even if I had already won OGSeries in Granada, but obviously I choose this moment.


How is the environment in the Hearthstone community?

Ek0p: The community is very friendly everyone is kind with everyone.

Firebat: In Hearthstone the community is really friendly, the fans are always there supporting in every tournament we attend and in the end you know the players, everything is fantastic.

AKAWonder: In general the community, Spanish and European one, is really good, if you compare it with other games we have a healthy community, I have played LoL and the players do no respect each others as much as here. In Hearthstone the community is very positrive and we support each other, we are like a small family we know each other and we spent time together. In Spain you can find some envidous kid but the general view is really good, we are friends.

Jac0b0: Honestly I didn’t know this players and I have been really well with them, the online community is very friendly too.


Which would be your advice for anyone willing to take the step from amateur to pro?

Ek0p: Play a lot, stream a lot, play tournaments and show your skill.

Firebat: Invest y our time, try and keep trying, is just a matter of time and effort to succeed.

AKAWonder: Play a lot of tournaments like OGSeries, LVP, ESL and more, if you play and win, you still need the luck to find a club, but you will start growing from there.

Jac0b0: It is really complicated, the experience is what teaches you what is bad and what is good, how to improve is similar to poker, I played poker before and a lot of times I recorded myself to analyze that later and improve, I think that the key is to play a lot and learn from mistakes

Ander “Nerul” Eizaga

Giveaway Winners

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Here are the results
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Hello World! Take off!

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Hello world!


We are writting this post from a very special place for us, Euskal Encounter.

We want to share this adventure with you and this post is to officially make public our start.

We are full of illusión and we  are celebrating this start giving away hardware and games, follow us on the social media to participate.