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By Friday July 24th, 2015


Hackprende workshops have three things in common:

  • Technology as core.
  • Disruptive and fun.
  • Solve a challenge (Hack-a-ton).

Until now we have worked in Europe and we are proud of our work going along with people in their first step as tech entrepreneurs and transformers of today’s society. Sadlly, where this revolution is needed the most, is the hardest place in the world to happen by itself, and that’s why we are asking for your help here, to make this happen in Asia.

We want to empower the people who need it the most using technology. A team composed by technicians, entrepreneurs and makers is going to be for four month in asia, two months in China and two months in India. Be it to build robots, to develop software or creating any aplications that solves any of their problems or concerns. We want to help the to boost their projects, be it to improve their lifes, to create new business or both.

We will do some workshops where we will put the technology into their hands and show them how to use it, all the material is for the attendees of the workshops in order to continue with its implementation after we are gone.

We use advanced, trending and easy to use technology.

arduino31 intel31 Stencylb31

With finnish educational methodology.





raised of a 1,200.00€ goal

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