FIFA Home Cup 2020

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Munas Dabbur winner of the HomeCup celebrates a goal - Alex Grimm - Getty Images

TSG Hoffhenheim resigns for 3 years with Interwetten and uses Home Cup as example of the value of the partnership

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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, soccer activity in Europe had to be halted in the latter days of Q1 2020. Due to this predicament, clubs and leagues were left without activity, which had some unpleasant implications like the cancellation of sponsorship and partnership agreements or the inability of media outlets to provide material.
Interwetten engaged us to provide content and matches in the form of a competition for their site and they wanted to make the most of their partnerships while helping the partnered teams and companies.

We spoke with every agent in the value chain before moving on to offering a high-value solution, which took less than two weeks from the initial contact.

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We were able to understand every aspect of the project thanks to our in-house multidisciplinary knowledge of all the topics and subjects involved, from tournament management to sponsorship and partnership management, state-of-the-art content and live streaming, and the availability of our own studios. In addition to adding value to the relationships that already existed, we were also able to create new ones, turning these challenging circumstances into new opportunities for everyone involved. First, using a four-team tournament as a test case, we were able to recruit several agents and create a much larger tournament that featured football players, FIFA pros, influencers, media outlets, and other agencies on a four-language simulcast with top-notch production.

Some of the teams playings the Home Cup #HomeCup

TSG Hoffenheim post on Facebook about the FIFA Home Cup - 24 March 2020
TSG Hoffenheim post on Facebook about the FIFA Home Cup - 24th March 2020

In addition to soccer professional players and teams, influencers, sports, esports, and general media outlets, esports teams and clubs, FIFA professional players, leagues, brands, sponsors, and partners were among the agents we were happy to assist. Making coalitions and frameworks that work among so many diverse agents is not an easy mission.


All the agents involved made it clear how important it was to be able to deliver content and continue with their activity during the pandemic, something they had found impossible before our collaboration. This project went a step further in that it was not limited to the impact of the viewership and actions during the competition. For instance, TSG Hoffhenheim said these words when they agreed to a three-year contract with Interwetten.


“We’re very happy to be able to continue our successful partnership with Interwetten,” said Dr. Peter Görlich, managing director of TSG Hoffenheim. “In the recent corona period, we were able to offer our fans real added value in the e-sports sector with the Interwetten #Homecup campaign. This proximity to fans and customers, coupled with innovative approaches, is what sets our partnership apart.” source

Some of the media outlets for Fifa Home Cup 2020

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