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“Our world is digital, learning about technology is learning about how the world is and how it will be in the future.”


Hackprende aims to help people through the provision of technological tools and the creation of an enjoyable and inspiring environment for discovering vocations, technological education, innovation, and teamwork.


By 2023, Hackprende has served to more than 3000 hackpreneurs, we don’t like the word student that much for what we do.

Since the dawn of time, games have been essential to education, learning, and the preservation of cultural legacy.

Playing games is incredibly enjoyable for us as humans since it is hard-wired into our DNA, but it doesn’t end there because games are great instruments for teaching critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Hackprende sessions and events have been carried out in multiple formats.

  • Workshops in maker and hacker spaces such as XinCheJian in China.
  • Sessions and bootcamps in Universities and schools such as Pune University, Mondragon University or Uni Eibar
  • Collaboration with fairs or trade shows such as Shanghai Maker Carnival or worldwide Maker Faires
  • Ad-hoc initiatives such as our Virtual Reality Tour for OSVR & Razer Singapore in Asia and Europe in 2015 and 2016

Events, Gaming, Education


2015 – Present


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Razer, OSVR, MIT’s Fab Lab, Maker Carniva, Tongji University, Pune University, Mumbay University, Uni Eibar-Ermua, University of California, Berkeley, Mondragon University, XinCheJian, MakeyMakey, Arduino and many more

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