OMNIS Dominance League

Record setting Hearthstone Esports regular league.

OMNIS Dominance League Trophy

Alxshow, director and Enterra, main admin with the winners.

Alxshow in the casting stage OMNIS Dominance League finals

World Biggest Regular League Format Esports Championship

Celebrated in 2019, the OMNIS Dominance League was a Hearthstone competition that happened to be the largest record-setting esports regular league with more than 450 matches among 100 players.

Starting with a round robin with 100 players divided into 10-man groups and then with playoffs celebrated in OhMyGame Valencia. It was a pioneering experience when it came to using players own channels to stream the event, with more than 25 players streaming the competition at the same time. The creation of a player kit that included stream-ready branding and resources plus a guide on how to setup everything quickly had overwhelming reception and acceptance among the players, becoming a key element of the success of the initiative.

Due to the attention gained during the group stage, which set the record for the biggest regular league format esports tournament, the play-off stage was sponsored by Monster Energy and OhMyGame.


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