The Oscars of Content Creation, Streaming, and Esports.

OMNISCON Awards Brand - The Oscars of Streaming, Content Creation and Esports

OMNISCON Awards Brand - The Oscars of Content Creation, Streaming, and Esports.​

OMNISCON Awards 2022 celebrated in Euskal Encounter.

OMNISCON 2022 - Winners

OMNISCON 2018 - First edition invited creators

OMNISCON 2018 - Setup

Recognising Excellence in the Digital Entertainment Industry.

OMNISCON was launched in 2018 with the aim of celebrating great achievements within the streaming and content creation space. In the spirit of being an event from creators for creators, close to a dozen Docen-partnered streamers were invited to the first edition that was celebrated in our headquarters in the Basque Country, Spain, with around 110 attendees, which was our facility’s full capacity at that moment.

OMNISCON is a really updated and alive initiative, evolving and improving each year. Starting in 2019, the event is celebrated within Euskal Encounter, the world’s second-biggest LAN party, with more than 5,000 participants and 15,000 attendees. Taking care of both the digital and in person experience and growth, in 2022, OMNISCON was menctioned by the Spanish biggest creator, Ibai, on his stream due to one of his mods winning an award and was also featured and had a dedicated back cover on the most widely read newspaper in Spain, Marca.


Content Creation, Event, Streaming, Esports


2018 – Today


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OMNISCON - Aerial View of the attendees and the main stage of Euskal Encounter 30
Marca, Spain's most popular newspaper back cover on July 22nd 2022

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